• mass helicopter flight!

    If any of you will remember, on my first post I made mention of orcastrating a mass Helicopter flight!

    Sadly, this probably isn't as exciting as it sounds!

    The helicopters I was referring to, are those which fall from trees around autumn time, spining softly as they fall.

    I love those things, more than conkers, more than toffee apples, more than almost ANYTHING to do with autumn (except halloween of course!) and couldn't wait to throw a load all at once...

    but the hill outside my house(more of a lump than a hill actually) had been sectioned off... so turf could grow :( kids play on it all the time (as that is what it is designed for) and had worn the grass away. So they'd closed it off, so it had a chance to grow back.

    Eventually we got peeved at it being closed for so long, and decided today was the day! We had a box, and had been collecting these helicopters since I first mntioned it, weeks back! So we had plenty. It was a bright sunny day, the kids were around, and off we wenty, to throw them!

    I wanted to throw loads, because last year we did the same thing, on a smaller scale. It looked impressive as just a few handfuls sailed through the air. So of course, I wanted it to be bigger and better!!

    And here you go! Popple (my partner) is the man in charge, I was holding the 'phone, and trying to get the kids (which assembled en masse when they saw what we were doing) to be co-ordinated. I apologise for the crappy quality, and if you can't see it well, then I'm sorry again. It truly was awesome!

    We'll have to try again next year too!

    I'm such a big kid. I hope I never grow up!

    Still playing around with my other blog, trying to get into the swing of things, and find a style I truly love (although I quite like the one I have now). I'll get there eventually!

  • The morning walk = sweat

    Well, slowly I'm getting the hang of my new blog. It's fun going through all the add-on's and the like. Hopefully eventually it'll look like something not just slap dashed together.

    I just wrote on it, an entry regarding 'sleep sex', or sexsomnia. It's a condition I believe that my partner has, but it's not very well known as of yet. It's basically a form of sleep walking I think.

    I've got lots of plans for blog entries, but I'm not going to use them all at once. And I'm not going to put ads on straight away (mostly because I've not even looked into how to do it yet!)

    Just got back from walking Callum to school, and I'm all tired and sweaty. but that's what you get when you exert yourself and you're really overweight!

    tatty bye.

  • I've moved!

    Well, not moved exactly.

    my new blog is now located at

    But however, I shall keep this account open and most like post snippets here from the main blog... or full posts. I obviously haven't decided yet!

    Hope to see you there,


  • It'll be soon...

    Well then.

    Hopefully in the next day or so I'll have the blog lement of my new site up and running, and from that I can expand the rest of the site. It's wierd, but I want the blog element to be there before the rest get's sorted out.

    I've had to ask someone else to install it for me ('cause I suck) and hopefully they'll manage to get around to it.

    I've got myself a wee file of different idea's and plans etc etc which I believe should be quite interesting.

    I also found yesterday (via stumble) a site whose premise is exactly what I was/am planning. It's been going since 2002 so my idea certainly wasn't new! (but then again, how often is anideanew and/or original these days eh?)

    So I'll be having a look around tht site, seeing how they function, figuring out what I want to do and how differently. Of course, I'm not taling about copying anything, but inspiration!

    tatty bye,

  • I've been tagged!

    It's been hectic as can be here, I'm deterimined to make Halloween wonderful this year, and every evening when litle ones are in bed, I've been paper mache'ing and painting and wood cutting 'till my fingers bleed!

    Photo's are being taken by the way!

    Plus I've been mentally planning a) the eventually will-happen-someday wedding (A halloween wedding... we lurve halloween!) and b) my new website.

    Anyway, on to the tagging. This wonderful woman tagged me (And I'm afraid I don't know your name, sorry!) and here's what I have to do.

    Rules: Having been tagged, I have to blog 5 things about myself that mostly no-one knows and then tag three more blogger friends.

    (not that I have many blogger friends... sob sob boo hoo)

    1) I don't Like shoes.

    If I can get away with it, I don't wear footwear. I adore walking through the streets and fields feeling the floor beneath me. I have stood in and on many truly unpleasent things (Dog poop, glass, fag stubs etc) the the unpleasentness never lasts for long.

    Sometimes I do just leave the house having forgotten to put any footwear on, and not bothered to go back to get them. I once got in a bad mood and stormed out of the house, and walked 5 miles along a bridal path (horse poop and stones, lovely)

    My eldest son seems to be following in my (bare)footsteps also, as he isn't so keen on shoes either.

    Although with the bad weather setting in... I'll probably wear them a little more.

    2) I'm manipulative

    Not in an evil vindictive way though, but I seem to have an innate sense of how other peoples minds work, and can usually say the right words/phrass to get what I want/need from someone. I like to think I'm subtle at it, but it's not something I do very often, as I feel guilty afterwards. but if it's just to get my mother to buy me a little something, or to get a freind to watch my kids for a few minutes, then it's okay, lol.

    3) I'm allergic to Pot.

    I was 16 when I had my first joint. Well, shared anyway. I felt fuzzy straight away, and rather queasy. We were behind a huge building sat on a high wall, and I just leaned forward and threw up viciously. It didn't feel good at all, just ick. A few months later I tried again. I had a while joint to myself. Silly me.

    We were on a trip with school (I'd just started 6th form) to a nearby university for the weekend. And we each had a room. Well I'm glad mine was on the ground floor. After going into the wood with friends, smoking it, I felt sick as hell. I somehow stumbled back to my room and crashed onto my bed. It was only 9pm. At 11 the tutors had to register everyone to make sure we were all around, and my friends were desperatly trying to open my door and window, because they knew if I wasn't there to be registered, the tutors would come and find me, and see what a state I was in. So I crawled (pretty much) to my tutor, said i was here, and went back to bed.

    There were 'phones between all the rooms, and all night people would ring mine, seeing how I am. And each time I would jump awake and out of bed, answer the 'phone, tell them to fuck off and leave me alone, throw up in the sink next to my bed and pass out again.

    It wasn't fun cleaning that up!

    I kept trying every now and then and kept being sick. The last time was about 2 years ago, I felt worse than I ever had done, I threw up untill I just brought up acid, I couldn't move my head to drink because I just threw up more. Eventually my partner got me to bed.

    I think I'll just leave it at that. I'm allergic methinks.

    4) I mastrbate daily.

    not a huge deal I know. I used to be an Ann Summers organiser (google it) and it was the best job I've ever had. Especially with a 30% discount on the toys! I have a fair few at home now, and go through batteries like no business! (Thank god for rechargables!) I adore pornography and erotica, and frequently utilise both. I don't get PMS really, but if I go for more than three days without an orgasm, I'm 2x worse than any PMSy woman! So really, I masturbate for the good of those around me ;)

    I also don't use my toys for penetration. Self penetration just doesn't get me off at all. It's clitoral all the way! I'm a pillow humper by nature, and adding a vibe into the mix is wonderful!

    5) I desperatly wish I was more creative.

    Over time I've tried to learn to play the piano, the cello and guitar. I took art at GCSE level and got an E, I really wish i was more artsy, but it's just not in me at all. I write, but that's just paper/computer screenage. It's not something physical that I can look at and say 'I made that'.

    who am I going to tag?

    I have no idea yet, I don't really know anyone that blogs :(



    I've used the screenname modified mummy for a while now. And I've finally decided to get my arse into gear and try and learn how to build a webpage.

    now don't laugh... but I suck. I know so little it's pitiful.

    But that's not a problem! I have the awesome power of the internet to guide me!

    I know this is a sucky post, and there is little of interest in it. But this project has been taking up my whole day so far (with saddeningly little progress) and I just needed a break!

    although bed will be a good break too. Night night all, I'll let you know if/when it's officlally live, lol.

  • Don't come any closer, I've got lurgies.

    I've got a man cold *sneeze*.

    I feel like shite *cough* and I have no idea how I'm going to *atchoo* get through the day. I really hope my partner will bunk off work and look after the kids, so I can *sniffle* just rest and get over this evil man cold.

    Feel awful :( just typical to get a cold from hell just aftwer getting my septum pierced. thsi is going to extend the healing, it's so tender :(.

    I'm off for some lemsip and bed, while partner is out doing food shopping with my youngest. Eldest is in pre school... he's so grown up :)

    Tatty bye,


  • Just because you're unique, doesn't mean you are usefiul.

    Why is it that automatically upon becoming a parent… it seems to be that all you could ever want is to socialise with other parents?

    I live in a very small village, in a housing estate run by the local housing authority. It’s a very pretty way to live, but it is terribly isolated.

    I do not drive, I cannot use the bus (the bus stop is located right on the A66, one of the most dangerous roads in this area, and I am scared to death crossing that road especially with two young kids), and there is almost no one here I can relate to.

    So I’m lonely. I miss my friends who live in the nearby town, I miss general day to day interactions with people… that doesn’t focus purely on children!

    Now, everyone in this area seems to know each other well. Most have lived here many years, and have family living here also. Perhaps it’s my own fault for not trying harder. But personally, it boils down to two main reasons as to why I cannot really call many people here real friends.

    1) They’re of an entirely different generation.

    The few people around here whom I get on with to a degree, are mostly a lot older than I am, have older children and different ideals than I. I’m not saying that as if it is a bad thing, but it’s really hard to make a meaningful connection with someone who thinks that my way of thinking/acting/behaving is so obscure and strange. I don’t go out of my way to be obscure and strange… but I am honest about who I am, what I like, and what I think. I’m not going to stop my son from playing with his toy buggy because older parents can’t seem to grasp beyond the idea’s of ‘Boy’s toys and girl’s toys’, I’m not going to stop listening to my music because everyone else seems to adore Elvis. And I’m not going to dress all ‘mumsy’ and forfeit my shaved head just to fit in with a crowd.

    Of course, my friends back in town wouldn’t see anything like that (or the rest of who I am) as strange. In fact, amongst my group of friends I’m the tame one, lol.

    2) If they’re closer to my own age range… they’re chavvy idiots who spend their time shouting and drinking.

    Now, I know that it’s possible that not all chav’s are as bad as they’re made out to be. However, the younger parents around here certainly fit into the worst-case stereotype. And with it comes the narrow-mindedness, and of course, the abuse that comes with it. Needless to say, none of them seem particularly keen on my family and myself. And it’s not to say I haven’t tried. When we first moved here we would greet everyone, try to get to know people, be civil and polite and a nice as can be. (Although to be honest, it wasn’t something we strived at, it’s just how we are). After the novelty factor wore off however (“oh my gawd, did ya see that fat chick with all the piercings? She can fit her finger through her ear”) the derogatory remarks and actions started, and I no longer wasted any energy on them.

    Maybe you think I’m being as judgemental as they seem to be. Perhaps I am, but I speak my judgement from personal experience of these specific people.

    If I ever mention to anyone that I am lonely however, I get told about various children’s groups or parents clubs etc. I don’t have a need to be around other parents, there are enough of them surrounding me. I just want to have friends whom I can relate to on a more personal level, not just for the fact that the only thing we have in common is that we’ve shoved various offspring out of our vaginas! (Or they have tiny little flash art on their bodies…)

    To the couple of people whom I actually seem to get on with (if you read this of course) you don't fit into either of those catagories, and I hope we can get to know each other better at some point.

    All I need is for a man or woman to move here, blare rock music out of their house, hold play piercing parties in their garden, play video games, and like me…

    Ah well. Screw being lonely. I have the Internet!

    (although it’d help if you commented so I could hold a conversation with someone ;) )

  • Probably the only 'political' post i'll ever make.

    I read this article in my local newspaper with interest. Is it only me that find it slightly unnerving that this young girl is posing for the photograph, smiling, holding a note that translates into saying: 'Our farm is a black farm. Please do not co-operate with them, they are traitors.'

    I wonder if i should go to greater lengths to get this image into the big wide world (of the internet of course) to see if anyone else has a clue as to who wrote the note etc.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Click here for full image

  • Ask - a - pincushion!

    Almost every single person who gets some form of visible modification will get a common set of questions from the curious plain-skins. Some are perfectly reasonable, some are laughable, but all can be answered with a straight face.

    Here are some of those questions, and my own personal answers.

    1) Did that hurt?

    Yes, of course it did, it's a needle going into my skin! Do you somehow think that my skin is impervious to pain?!

    Now, every person has a different thresh-hold for the level of pain they can bear. It doesn't make the pain any less, it just means some people can cope with it better than others.

    2) Where do you have piercings (and how many)?

    Let's put it this way. I have 7 piercings that you can see (if you were stood by me of course) and two that you can't. ;)

    3) What about when you're all old and wrinkly and look awful?

    Skin gets 'old and wrinkly' whether it is tattooed or not. I'd much rather have interesting (or odd) looking wrinkly skin than just skin which is old and wrinkly

    4) You'll regret it in a few years.

    That's entirely possible. But I highly doubt it. I don't regret a single thing in my life, even the shit things. Regret is the biggest waste of mental energy I can think of. Regretting something that has happened doesn't change the past now does it? I don't regret not taking my AS levels, I don't regret arguing back with my mother (which resulted in my getting kicked out of home at 16... oops), I don't regret staying with my abusive boyfriend as long as I did. Because if those things didn't happen? I wouldn't be who and where I am today. And I quite like who I am. I think I'm rather lovely :).

    5) Do you take drugs?

    Drugs?! Caffeine, on occasion. Nicotine, very regulary. Alcohol rarely. Anything other than that, not really. I'm a mother! Two kiddies who are into everything, if I had the time to be off doing drugs I'd much rather spend the time catching up on sleep!

    The only illegal substances I've had are aerosols (I was 14) and weed. And guess what? I've been trying to smoke weed since I was 16 years old, trying every few months or so, and each and every time I have been violently physically sick. I stopped trying a fair while ago, after officially deeming myself 'allergic'.

    6) Does that go all the way through?

    Of course it does. There is nothing dafter than the 'magnetic' jewellery people can get which makes it look as if a piercing is there. In my eyes anyway (the opinion, not the jewellery of course ;) )

    7) What are you going to do when you sons want piercings/tattoos/scarification/etc

    If they're 14 or older? I'll talk to them about it, outline all the pros and cons, help them research said modification, and make sure it's what they truly want. I'm hoping my kids will be reasonably obedient, because I plan to implement a 12-month waiting period on any modifications. (While they're of the age of needing parental consent)

    This 12 month period should make sure that it's still what they want, and that they really comprehend what they plan to do to their bodies.

    8) What about when you go through a metal detector?

    Most metal detectors would have to be on their most sensitive setting to pick up such tiny pieces of metal. If they did set one off, it'd be a simple case of showing what you have. And while I do have intimate metal? I'm not shy about it, so I wouldn?t mind having to verify I just have piercings, and not a gun hidden up my nether regions ;)

    9) What about if you walk by a large magnet?

    All my body jewellery is made from titanium. From what I?ve been told, titanium isn?t magnetic. Anyway, what is the likelihood I?ll be walking by a huuuge magnet anyway?

    10) Why?!

    Now that's a helluva question. Why indeed. Personally, my body is my own to adorn as I see fit, and I choose to place my modifications on my body to show that it is truly mine. Also, with each modification I get, I get a sense of completeness, like I am becoming whole. Perhaps someday I?ll reach my limit? that I'll finally feel as if I am completed. But until that point, I'll carry on, and modify my body how I see fit.

    Now, this is of course, only a list of 10. However, if you have any more questions feel free to ask me. I promise to respond to each question/comment posted. My three-year-old son is currently at the 'why' stage, so asking any and all questions is something I'm rather adept at right now ;)


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