If any of you will remember, on my first post I made mention of orcastrating a mass Helicopter flight!

Sadly, this probably isn't as exciting as it sounds!

The helicopters I was referring to, are those which fall from trees around autumn time, spining softly as they fall.

I love those things, more than conkers, more than toffee apples, more than almost ANYTHING to do with autumn (except halloween of course!) and couldn't wait to throw a load all at once...

but the hill outside my house(more of a lump than a hill actually) had been sectioned off... so turf could grow :( kids play on it all the time (as that is what it is designed for) and had worn the grass away. So they'd closed it off, so it had a chance to grow back.

Eventually we got peeved at it being closed for so long, and decided today was the day! We had a box, and had been collecting these helicopters since I first mntioned it, weeks back! So we had plenty. It was a bright sunny day, the kids were around, and off we wenty, to throw them!

I wanted to throw loads, because last year we did the same thing, on a smaller scale. It looked impressive as just a few handfuls sailed through the air. So of course, I wanted it to be bigger and better!!

And here you go! Popple (my partner) is the man in charge, I was holding the 'phone, and trying to get the kids (which assembled en masse when they saw what we were doing) to be co-ordinated. I apologise for the crappy quality, and if you can't see it well, then I'm sorry again. It truly was awesome!

We'll have to try again next year too!

I'm such a big kid. I hope I never grow up!

Still playing around with my other blog, trying to get into the swing of things, and find a style I truly love (although I quite like the one I have now). I'll get there eventually!